The Barber Apron


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The Barber Apron

The Barber Apron features water-resistant and bleach-proof material, protecting clothing from spills and hair splinters. Multiple pockets allow for multi-tool storage, and adjustable padded neck system provides extra comfort for long hours in the shop. Available in a standard fit and extra wide fit for additional coverage.


• Nano Shield™ material for hair repellency
• Water, bleach, and chemical proof
• Adjustable padded strap system for weight distribution and neck fatigue reduction. Replacement straps available!
• Functional concealed bottom pockets for easy hair removal
• Front zipper closure allows split-leg option


• 100% Polyester
• Machine Wash Cold
• Mild Detergent
• Do Not Bleach
• Tumble Dry
• Low Heat
• Remove straps to wash


The Barber Apron
Durable Barber Apron | Barber Strong | High-Quality Barber Apparel
Barber Strong Apron | Barber Apron | Quality Apron for Barbers
Barber Strong Apron with Pockets and Clips
Barber Strong Utility Apron
Barber Strong Apron on a Woman
Barber Strong Apron Pocket
Barber Strong Apron Comb Pocket
Barber Strong Apron Cross-Back Straps
Barber Strong Apron Strap Clip
The Barber Apron
The Barber Apron
The Barber Apron
The Barber Apron
The Barber Apron
The Barber Apron


nanoshield technology

Water, bleach, and chemical proof

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