"Oshibori" Your Clients Experience At The Shop

We believe your shop can also be a zen place to relax and destress, this is why we are giving away some precious info to elevate that experience. We are starting with Oshibori, which translates from Japanese to hot towel. The practice of using these towels originates from the 11th century, the Tale of Jengi era and it is now used in many forms all over the world. Thank you Japan

Some of the benefits are:

  • Face – hot towels are typically used before a facial to relax the muscles on the face, soften the skin, open the pores and allow skin treatment to penetrate the skin with ease. This allows beauty professionals to thoroughly remove deep-seated dirt and oil in the pores and replace it with nourishing moisture.
  • Body – hot towels are also used to ease sore muscles to relieve pain. The warmth from the damp towel that penetrates the skin will dilate the blood vessels to relieve the tension.
  • Hair – hot towels are known to be used before men are shaved in order to soften the hair and achieve a cleaner and closer cut to the skin. The same principles apply to other areas in need of a shave.

As the hot towel or the dampness from the hot towel cools down, clients are left feeling fresh and relaxed. The temperature of the towels must be warm enough to relax the skin and the muscles, but not too hot that you risk burning the skin. 

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